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Garbage’s self-titled debut came out 20 years ago—wanna feel old??—and, to celebrate, the band just reissued Garbage with a bunch of remixes and B-sides (“G-sides,” they’re saying), and in the upcoming month they’re going on a “20 Years Queer” tour, supported in North America by grunge mystic singer-songwriter Mackenzie Scott, also known as Torres. It’s an ideal match, and you can hear how, exactly, in Torres’s hustling, meditative cover of Garbage’s 1998 track “Special,” which we’re premiering here today. The line between Scott and Manson is clear and wonderful, a sense of sickly voyeurism creeping into their pop-rock melodies, suffusing the sound with honesty and fallible grace.


The 20 Years Queer tour dates are up here, and here’s Torres’s terrific second album Sprinter.


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