The White House Correspondents Dinner over the weekend might have done a fine job for #nerdprom but, apart from Our Lady Michelle Obama, it was just a trial run for the Met Gala, which is the prom that only popular people are invited to, multiplied by a debutante ball. At the Met Gala, you’re not allowed to fuck around; it’s so serious that house mother Anna Wintour made co-chair Taylor Swift get a fashion makeover in preparation, and as we can see, gave Swift what is essentially her own haircut.

Tonight’s Met Gala will celebrate what looks like the most beautiful and innovative Costume Institute exhibit since those honoring McQueen and Schiaparelli. Entitled Manus x Machina, it’s meant to focus on technique and the way technology has innovated and shifted fashion, whether handmade or 3D printed. Intricacy is key, whether in a hand-embroidered Yves Saint Laurent couture evening dress from 1958, or in the fantastical, elaborate textures Iris van Herpen continually fabricates using 3D printers and other innovative technologies.


As such, the evening’s looks should be delicate, detail-oriented, and cutting edge. Here are some of the looks and inspirations we’re hoping to see on this evening’s red carpet.

This Chromat Face Jawn

It’s like an organic fencing mask.

Chainmaille, duh

Images via Getty

Paco Rabanne’s late-’60s chainmaille in leather and metal is so handcrafted, so now; if Brienne of Tarth doesn’t show up in the middle look or something similar there is no god.

Seven of Nine Realness

Image via Getty

Polyblend knit aside, no one accessorizes better than Seven of Nine, who pairs a no-makeup makeup look with a bold eyebrow implant.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Realness

Image via Getty

We’re going to be sad at all the Armani/Calvin/Gucci/whatever suits the dudes are wearing tonight, in contrast to this jovial (if literal) celebration of infinity.

British Fashion Parade

Image via Getty

Britain has a longstanding tradition of couture haberdashery, and these hats from a British Fashion Parade in Brussels in the early ‘60s would translate flawlessly today. RIP Isabella Blow.

‘94 Pam Anderson

Someone definitely hand-crocheted this cover-up, plus it’s a perfect ensemble to ring in Spring!


Image via Getty

Kiki Kogelnik, the multidisciplinary Austrian artist, was a boss. This is a perfect outfit and, honestly, the perfect date.

Iris van Herpen Ziploc bag

Image via AP

Anyone who shows up in this (background, not foreground) will be pulling the ultimate carry. You’re basically wearing a garment bag, and you won’t have to walk.