Here's Your First Look at Ryan Gosling's Electric Directorial Debut

Here's the first official trailer for Lost River, the Christina Hendricks-starring fantasy thriller that marks the directorial debut of Ryan Gosling.


Also starring Iain De Casestecker, Eva Mendes, Matt Smith and Saoirse Ronan, Lost River looks part David Lynch, part Jim Jarmusch and part Perfume Genius video. It also boasts a soundtrack by Johnny Jewel of Chromatics and some pretty rad poster art that's very reminiscent of the movie art of the '80s.

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Lost River was unfortunately panned at Cannes, with Time describing the film as "waver[ing] between the stupefying and the obscure, between LOL and WTF." The trailer sure is stylish, though.

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Anna Merlan

This looks weird as fuck. Like he loves Terrence Malick and Jim Jarmusch in equal measure and jammed in five movie ideas into one film because he wasn't sure he'd get another shot.

I'm still gonna see it, though, because I am a sucker.