Here's Your First Official Look at the New Ghostbusters

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The next time you notice something strange in the neighborhood, who exactly are you going call? Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, and Leslie Jones, of course. Your brand new team of Ghostbusters.


The first official image from the Paul Feig-helmed Ghostbusters reboot shows our cast—a cast that no sane person could possibly get mad about—locked, loaded, and ready to kick some spectral ass.

Few details are known about the plot, but Feig previously announced the character names in a tweet:


Women have always come in to clean up messes made by men. Why would it be any different with ectoplasm?

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Image via Ghostbusters/Columbia Pictures.

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The Noble Renard

Leslie Jones is Bad. Ass.

Remember when she did her first Weekend Update piece and assholes were all “ugh where does this lady get off talking flippantly about being a black woman in the dating world, I don’t want that shit on my talky box”?

Rock on Leslie Jones.