Here's Your Perfect Going-Out Anthem for This Weekend

As Miss Tina already told you, Beyoncé’s signed a few extra-talented women to her label Parkwood Entertainment; after teen queens Chloe x Halle’s unexpected banger earlier this week, labelmate Ingrid unloosed a going-out and looking-good anthem straight from Houston.

Ingrid’s a cool as hell H-town rapper with a low, smoky voice; along with a hook by the eminently unbothered singer Sevyn Streeter, “Flex” is a testimony that your true flex is in your heart, and with your girls, as you gear up to cool out. Shots around Ingrid’s neighborhood—kids playing, tíos lamping, homies eating crawfish and one particularly fly gentleman riding a horse—are both reverent and deeply nostalgic, like Ingrid’s already thinking longingly about a summer that hasn’t yet happened. So are we, leaning back in the driver’s seat. Weekends forever.

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Nice beat, nice flow but it makes me want to stay in.