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In a recent Vulture interview with Ben Sinclair, the High Maintenance co-creator was asked what he might be doing next, since the show’s second season on HBO was debuting (it has, since the publication of that particular piece, run its course), to which he replied: “I have other things I want to do….I have shows that I’m excited to develop and am already talking about developing shows and features. I’ve been writing a lot lately. I like using my brain and observational skills.”


This was very exciting to me, because I find High Maintenance to be wonderful. On Wednesday—a development!—I learned by way of The Hollywood Reporter that Sinclair is creating what THR referred to as “an untitled prison dance movie,” along with cannabis journalist Abdullah Saeed. New Regency and Fox Searchlight have picked up the feature film, which, to be clear, will reportedly take the form of a “musical.”

Sinclair and Saeed are writing the film jointly, with Sinclair directing. There aren’t really any more details about the project available at the moment, but obviously this is something I will keep my eye on. I do love musicals.


Now I am eagerly awaiting to see what Sinclair’s ex-wife and High Maintenance co-creator Katja Blichfeld is up to next.

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High Maintenance is the very best. Slate turned me on to it back when it was on...YouTube? Vimeo? I dunno. But I love that the show transitioned to HBO without losing any of what originally made it wonderful. I especially love how the storyline this season reflected the circumstances surrounding the breakup of the creators in what felt like a really honest and kind way. It was lovely.