There’s been a lot of drama in the Hilary Duff tag lately. First, she released a preview of her song ‘Sparks,’ composed of scenes from her not-so-good new show Younger. Then, she released a music video for the full song that was awful and was mostly just her going on Tinder dates for some inexplicable reason. Now there’s an official video and it’s...okay!

Only weeks after fans all around the world signed a petition begging Duff to recut the Tinder ad that she claimed was her video into something that was all music and no filler, the new queen of Europop (FIGHT ME!) has finally released an official version of “Sparks,” and I think I would have liked it more without all the lead-up.

The song itself is great—and for some reason compelled me to listen to five remixes of Kylie Minogue’s “Come Into My World” while my guinea pigs squeaked in terror nearby— but the fact that we had so much build up to the video makes it a little bit less exciting. And the video itself, while pretty, isn’t really particularly interesting. Hilary Duff dancing in a box alone. Hilary Duff dancing in a box with dancers. Hilary Duff, dancing near a ficus. Great dance moves, but I don’t think I get it? With all the lead-up, I expected something much more exciting.

Still a fan, but a mildly disappointed one. Yes, even though the hair is amazing.

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