Hold All My Calls This Summer, Because I'll Be Seeing Dream, O-Town and Ryan Cabrera Perform

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Yes, the magically named My2k Tour (if you don’t get it, you will soon) is being headlined by 98 Degrees, but I think we all know why we’re going: to see if Ryan Cabrera and Nick Lachey will make jokes about dating the Simpson sisters, or how gross O-Town will be performing “Liquid Dreams,” or validate our feelings that Dream should have become just as famous as The-Dream.


That’s right folks, “four of the hottest pop groups that shaped the late ‘90s/early ‘00s landscape [are] ready to present every pop music lover’s dream line-up come true.” 98 Degrees is headlining the so-called My2k Tour, joined by the aforementioned artists, in “a celebration of the most infectious pop music of the era.” (Yes, these are all quotes from a press release but they’re more true than if I wrote them myself.)


My2k will be in 35 US cities this summer, and tickets go on sale this Friday. You know where I’ll be August 17: The beautiful Coney Island Ampitheater.


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Just FYI it’s O-Town without Ashley Parker Angel. I was heartbroken finding this out when O-Town did a run of shows this winter and it was only the other 4.