Hold Onto Your Sunbonnets, Because There's a Little House on the Prairie Movie in the Works

Hollywood’s passion for nostalgia continues to thrive, and this time it’s Little House on the Prairie that’s getting the remake treatment.


That’s according to The Hollywood Reporter. Paramount has picked up the project. Abi Morgan, who wrote the screenplays for Suffragette, The Iron Lady, and Shame, will write the script; Sean Durkin, who made Martha Marcy May Marlene, will direct.

THR refers to the movie as an “adaptation of the iconic TV series,” which is weird, but hey, wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity for a throwback double-whammy. “It’s a classic of children’s literature and a beloved TV show. Two for the price of one,” went the pitch, probably.


Can’t wait for a whole new generation of girls to learn about leeches!

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Cool yer heels, Mabel

Do you think this time around, they’ll show Pa to be the loser he actually was?