Hollywood Medium Stuns Larry Birkhead With Googleable Anna Nicole Smith Facts

During the last few years of her life, Anna Nicole Smith ran her legacy into the ground and then rolled around on it with her dress over her head. And yet somehow the way her memory was treated by the effusively perspiring 20-year-old witch Tyler Henry on last night’s Hollywood Medium was nothing short of effrontery.

Henry rolled out his shtick for Birkhead, including a string of easily Googled facts that Smith was allegedly communicating from beyond the grave and his trademark suspicious over-gesticulating.


If a spirit Smith asked Henry, “Like my corporeal entity?” it didn’t make the cut. Instead, Henry got an image of a big “almost like a silly” hat. Oh you mean like the one that she wore to the Kentucky Derby, which she attended several times including during the filming of her show which ran on the very network that airs Henry’s (E!), and where she met Birkhead, a fact included on his sparse Wikipedia page? A hat like the one in this picture, which was easily accessible via Getty’s online library?

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

Why yes! That’s exactly it!

Henry referenced the name of Birkhead and Smith’s daughter, which was changed from Hannibel Hannah Rose Hogan to Dannielynn Hope to honor her dead brother, Daniel Smith. This information is as difficult to dig up as IMDb.


“There’s an acknowledgement of keeping your daughter away from media,” said Henry, referencing Birkhead’s decision to raise Dannielynn in Louisville, Kentucky, away from the invasive paparazzi. Right, and Birkhead has been acknowledging this himself for years, for example telling People in 2009, “I just want her to be a kid and not worry about all the nasty things going on in this world. I’m her shield and that’s how it will always be.”

“There’s a connection of being together with this little dog,” said Henry. Yeah, Sugar Pie! Everybody knows that! Anyone who watched even an episode of The Anna Nicole Smith Show probably can’t get Smith’s lazy, limp-tongued moaning of “Sugarpaaiiiiiie,” out of their heads. I know I can’t. It’s amazing that this kid thinks he’s fooling anyone!


The only fact of Henry’s that I couldn’t dig up involved Smith and Birkhead writing messages to each other in lipstick on a mirror. I’d be willing to bet that’s out there somewhere, though, because that’s suuuuuch an Anna Nicole thing to do.

At the beginning of the segment, Henry, as he does, swore that he didn’t know who Larry Birkhead was. “I thought he was Keith Urban,” he giggled. Doubt it! After last night’s episode, Henry tweeted:


Henry is so smug about his charade, it’s like he thinks he’s literally the smartest person in the world. As it is, he’s getting one over on enough people that you can see why he’d think that. Parents, take note: don’t coddle your children excessively or they’ll turn out like this.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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