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Ladies and gentlemen, Olivier Rousteing has moved on from 1984 into friendlier climes... like 1988, or ‘82, or ‘79, years when minimalism was coming into play and/or the Halston aesthetic sheared everyone down into chic, voluminous glamazons. I never thought I’d say this, but new Balmain has nary an epaulette or explosion of sequins! Amen!

An orchestra and Bat for Lashes on the soundsystem opened the show for a phalanx of name-brand models in flowing, sunbaked gowns, a lot of it quite lovely and... quiet, for Rousteing. But because he’s him, he couldn’t resist plopping down a few silvery-threaded stripes (an uncomfortable-looking material if there ever was one), extreme python motifs, lamé, and metallic knits for when you’re on your own private island and/or don’t care if the tiddies is out. I suppose it’s what we’ll have to put up with for a brief reprieve from Krystle Carrington’s drawing room! Good NIGHT!


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