Hot Damn, New Beth Ditto Single

Oh, hey—Beth Ditto dropped a new solo track today, just in time to start getting your summer playlists in order.


Ditto is due to release her first full solo album, Fake Sugar, come June. As a preview, today she’s releasing the single “Fire.” It sounds like it ought to be blaring out the rolled-down window of a pickup, but not one of those puffy, overdone modern ones. “It’s gonna be my southern record but not necessarily a country record,” Ditto told Pitchfork last year. This morning’s announcement also offered some clues to the vibe:

She’s also a newlywed, which has given her a fresh perspective on romance that informs several songs on Fake Sugar. “This is adulthood, baby,” she quips. “You fought for marriage equality, now you gotta live in it.”


Until June, please enjoy the Fleetwood Mac vibes on this album cover.

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I just bought this on itunes before I even got 45 seconds in. I LOVE IT and yes, a summer anthem on every level. Makes me want to gather my coven and head out for the open road.