How Will Girls End? A Few Predictions

Image via screenshot/HBO. Gif by Bobby Finger.

We cried, we laughed, we thought about things. And now, after six seasons of fights, breakups and very little in the sense of personal growth, Lena Dunham’s Girls chapter is coming to a close.

Six episodes into its final season this year, we’ve seen Dunham’s woman-child main character Hannah Horvath blossom into a mediocre writer while she and everyone around her stays relatively the same emotionally. The remainder of Season 6 **SPOILER ALERT** hinges on whether Hannah will have the baby she’s carrying and how life will change from thereon.


As the Girls finale approaches on April 16, I can’t help but wonder how this little adventure will end. Here, I’ve thought up a few predictions for the last scene of its series finale.

Scenario 1

Scenario 2


Scenario 3


Scenario 4

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