Image via Maverick Records.

Some people look at a water glass and call it half-full, and others look at the same glass and call it half-empty. Similarly, some of you will read the news about a musical based on Alanis Morissetteā€™s classic album Jagged Little Pill with a book written by Diablo Cody premiering next year at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts and call it the most significant cultural event since Alanis Morissetteā€™s Jagged Little Pill was released in 1995, while others will read the same news and share it on Facebook with the caption, ā€œART IS DEAD.ā€

But a special fewā€”like, oh, the author of this postā€”fall somewhere in the middle. When observing a glass of water filled to its midpoint, we have no desire to participate in a psychological test that does little to enlighten. All we want is a drink, and this glass of water should do.

Will this musical based on one of the most influential albums of the ā€˜90s written by the screenwriter of one of the most influential screenplays of the aughts that reportedly follows a ā€œmodern, multi-generational familyā€ in a story about ā€œgender identity and raceā€ be a misguided theatrical train wreck, or will it join the ranks of other successful jukebox musicals like Green Dayā€™s American Idiot or Beautiful: The Carole King Musical?

What it all comes down to my friends (yeah) is that I havenā€™t got it all figured out just yet, but Iā€™ve got one hand in my pocket and the other oneā€™s setting a reminder on my phone to buy a ticket to Massachusetts next year.