How Would You Feel About a Liz Lemon/Leslie Knope Spin-Off?

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You may have heard that Parks and Recreation, a show that was still airing new episodes in 2013, is maybe, kinda POTENTIALLYYY looking at a reboot. I cannot emphasize “potentially” enough here: Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman were asked about the possibility of a Parks reboot on Ellen, and they both seemed genuinely enthusiastic about the idea. Is anything confirmed? Heavens no. Would the rest of the cast be down? So it seems. Is it possible in this topsy-turvy world we live in? Indeed! This is usually how it all begins.

Tina Fey’s got another idea. When asked about a 30 Rock reboot on the red carpet at the Tony Awards on Sunday night, Fey told Entertainment Tonight, “Amy’s willing to do a Parks & Rec reboot. Maybe we should just do a Liz Lemon, Leslie Knope spinoff.”

Speaking as a fan of these two comedic geniuses and the shows they helmed, I would certainly want to see them on the small screen again. But speaking as a person who spent $20 to see Baby Mama in theaters, I would also be worried that the result would not be good.


Could this, however, be the answer to our reboot dilemma? Cancel reboots entirely, and from now on, begin the arduous process of consolidating EVERY show that’s ever aired in the past 20 years into one? Oh well, I think if Fey wants to star in a spin-off, it should be as the Albanian witch Blerta from Girls.

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Cherith Cutestory

Liz and Leslie would HATE each other. Liz would get so annoyed by Leslie’s earnestness (a Kenneth who accomplishes things). Leslie would hate Liz’s cynicism and apathy under a veneer of caring.

I can’t see that going well.