HTGAWM Poll: Will Annalise & Wes Take It to the Boneyard?

The various dramatic plotlines on How to Get Away With Murder are always juicy, but we are waiting with bated breath for the show to answer one of the juiciest of all: what will happen to the relationship between Wes and Annalise? Two popular fan theories provide the most intrigue: all that tension between Wes and Annalise signals the fact that Wes is actually Annalise’s long-lost son. Or: all that tension between Wes and Annalise signals that they seriously want to bone, and will commence doing so before the second season’s end.

Why do people believe either of these things? As far as the “Annalise and Wes gonna bone” theory, you just need eyes and a fairly low modicum of empathy because the tension is palpable. Their interactions have a sexual undertone, and she once touched his face, plus this season we learned that Annalise’s sexuality is fluid (on account of her sexing Jean Grey), so why not a super-smart young man who’s not only at the top of her class but shares her propensity for intrigue?

On the other hand, in Thursday’s episode, there is some dispute about what Annalise meant when she called Wes “not just a student. It’s him.” Many fans are speculating that she finally confirmed that Wes is some blood relation to her, possibly a nephew or even a son. There’s also the theory that somehow, Annalise provoked Wes’s mom to commit suicide, but let’s apply Occam’s razor and go with the simplest explanation: Annalise is not going to bone Wes because Annalise is Wes’s mom. (There’s also the possibility that Annalise is Wes’s mom and they are going to bone, but that seems more like a Season 14 plotline, after all other ideas have been exhausted.)


We at Jezebel are divided between these two theories. Both seem feasible. There are only two episodes left in the season, so something’s got to give. What do you think?

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I’m guessing that she knew Wes’s mom in some capacity, but I really don’t think Annalise could actually be his birth mother- in season 1 he said that he grew up in Haiti, so unless Annalise lived in Haiti & had him there, I don’t think that would work. Plus Famke Jenson’s character saying (immediately after Annalise said “it’s him”), “You’re a good person,” to her to me indicates that Annalise made some sort of promise to his mother, so that’s why she got him off the wait list, and is protecting him now.

Just a theory!