Macy Gray is in love with her vibrator. His name is Bob, he “fits like a glove,” and she wrote a delightful little song in his honor. Though I’m unable to comment on the specific relationship a woman can have with her her favorite sex toy, I feel comfortable affirming the simple, charming pleasures of a music video that celebrates it.

“B.O.B” stands for “Battery Operated Better.” He’s “better,” Gray informs us, because he’s “not complicated.” After Gray turns him on, Bob gets the job done as many times she wants—from morning to night—without complaining. Again, I’ve got nothin’, but she certainly seems happy about it.

He fits like a glove, always up for love,

steady like a caterpillar.

Rabbit from a hat, he knows just where it’s at.

Give me what I want, and I want that.

It’s been a while since Gray (whose breakout single “I Try” remains as good as it was in 1999) released a song that I’ve wanted to hear more than once, but here I am, listening to a song about a vibrator on repeat.

She loves Bob, and I think I do too.

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