I Might Actually Watch The Good Fight?

Spinoffs generally don’t peak my interest, especially when they’re spun off shows I don’t watch, like The Good Wife. But this trailer for the coming season of The Good Fight is making me want to binge-watch everything this weekend.


Christine Baranski describes what we’re all feeling in the opening moments, saying, “I don’t know what’s going on in the world anymore. It’s not just bad; it’s insane.”

We can expect to see a man out to murder all lawyers, Jane Lynch as comic relief, and Rose Leslie playing another grim-faced woman grappling with intrigue and tough decisions. A show filled to the brim with complicated yet competent women characters who find the universe as strange and overwhelming as me, a woman who has never worn a pantsuit in her life. You can tune in and watch for Diane Lockhart run out of fucks staring March 4.

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Little Miss Scatterbrained

Does this air before or after The Good Place and is there any relation to The Good Doctor?