In what I’m sure will be the biggest news in women’s media on this sleepy April Thursday, Deadline is reporting that singer Halsey is developing a movie about her life with Sony. Wow!


Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr. writes:

Sony Pictures has closed a life rights deal with singer/songwriter Halsey. The hope is to develop a movie loosely based on her life, which she would star in. I’m told the closest cousin to what they hope for here is a vehicle that does for her what 8 Mile did for Eminem.


Well, serve me up a plate of mom’s spaghetti because I am ready for it, with two small caveats: 1) that the film explains why Halsey looks like a different person in every single photo and 2) it includes (and perhaps solely consists of) the above clip of Halsey in a fur stole asking her fans to stop being mean to her on social media. A fair ask, in my opinion, and compelling footage to boot.

Imagine: Halsey, starring as Halsey—or, uh, “Talsey”? I’m not a screenwriter—asking a cadre of teens to give her a break. And the Oscar goes to...that’s right. Halsey.

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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