Remember that scene in 13 Going On 30, where Judy Greer’s pitch for Poise magazine’s redesign is “fashion suicide”? I’d like to imagine that this video is exactly what Greer’s character Tom Tom was talking about. Because if anyone’s video is going to kill with chicness, it’s Icona Pop’s “Emergency,” which is like a runway horror film.

Tiny room, mean mugs, and “strategically placed police lights” are a harsh contrast to the heavily styled people in the video who seem to be having lots of fun. But it works. The video’s certainly not the best you’ll see this year, but it’s totally worth a watch, especially if you’re into the singers of “I Love It” being trapped in a small room. Someone just keep this video away from my partner, who wouldn’t stop singing “I don’t care, I love it” every time he looked at a price tag in Target. I held an intervention in the chip aisle. It didn’t work.

Also: Is it just me or does this sound a little like Basement Jaxx?

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