Idris Elba Won't Play James Bond According to Source (Idris Elba)

Stop…asking……me this…………
Stop…asking……me this…………
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Idris Elba will not be the next James Bond—at least, that’s what he told a reporter at the London premiere of his new film, Yardie. According to OkayAfrica, Good Morning Britain’s Divya Kohli asked Elba if she were “looking at the next 007” when he passed her on the red carpet. The actor-slash-director said “No” without missing a beat, then chuckled and walked away with fiancée-slash-former Miss Vancouver Sabrina Dhowre. I guess this means he’s not going to succeed Daniel Craig like a bunch of us hoped. To DeviantArt with our dreams…


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Hollywood is being incredibly stupid. The studios should be drowning him in cash offers large enough to make his head spin. Has Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians taught them nothing? People want to see themselves on film and they will give you all of their money for the chance. Not to mention Idris Elba is a world class actor. He is suave, steamy, and he oozes stealthy menace even while sleep walking. This is such a fucking no brainer!