In keeping with the sexXy movie it was written for, The Weeknd's video for "Earned It," arguably the best song off the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, features dancers in some very interesting underwear and Dakota Johnson tied up wearing nothing but a nude stocking.

No matter what your sexual proclivities are, it seems fair to say that this video is not exactly arousing, per se: in it, The Weeknd is seen crooning on a concert stage, while some burlesque dancers do their thing around him.

Like this.

Here's a close-up too, just in case this feat of human movement wasn't made clear enough.

Only towards the end is Johnson, star of Fifty Shades, shown in (mostly) all her glory, appearing fake nude and trussed up in some ropes.

Teasin'. Cute. Let's forget about Jamie Dornan and ship these two instead.