Image by Thom Kerr

Once a Grammy nominated artist, Iggy Azalea has been struggling for the past few years. But now she’s back, for a brief moment, with a new song featuring Migos’ member Quavo.

As my colleague Clover Hope wrote in her excellent investigation into Azalea’s career, most of her mentors urged Azalea to become a pop artist rather than a rapper. But “in her mind, doing pop music was a sellout,” one producer Mr. Lee said. But judging by her new song “Savior,” it seems like Azalea is loosening up a bit. She certainly doesn’t rap on the song and, surprisingly, neither does Quavo, who for some reason gets the entire chorus. It’s pop!

The song will premiere on TV in a Monster Products (that’s not the energy drink by the way, but a headphones and speaker company) commercial during the Super Bowl, which Azalea will also star in. So I guess selling out (and some failed attempts at hits) is literally what it takes for Azalea to make straight up pop music.