Iggy Azalea Would Be Okay With A 'Best Album Artwork' Grammy

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Iggy Azalea has been nominated for four Grammy awards, and let it be known that she is not picky about what's written on that golden gramophone.

"I don't care if I get a Grammy for best album artwork. A Grammy is a Grammy, baby. Nobody says, `Uh, what's your Grammy for? ... No, this Grammy doesn't count.' Any Grammy is equally as good. I'll take any Grammy for anything. Any Grammy you've got, send them my way. I will not complain."


I don't care if it's a Grammy for something I had nothing to do with, like album artwork, as long as it has my name on it and I can send trolly Twitter pics to Azalea Banks!

POLL: It's hard to tell, she's sending some pretty mixed signals—do you think Iggy Azalea wants a Grammy?


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Why would she get the Grammy for best artwork? Wouldn't the person who did the artwork get the Grammy? I'm confused.