In a TLC Doc About JFK Jr.'s Wedding, Someone Will FINALLY Focus on the Kennedys

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TV’s obsession with the great celebrity news stories of the 1990s continues, as though the universe were sitting in an attic somewhere, rifling through tattered old copies of People. The latest development: TLC is making a two-hour documentary about JFK Jr.’s 1996 wedding to Carolyn Bessette.

Deadline has the description for JFK Jr. & Carolyn Bessette: A Camelot Wedding, which cannily has the potential to tap into royal wedding enthusiasm:

“In 1996, America’s Prince Charming, John F. Kennedy Jr., married the love of his life, Carolyn Bessette, in a ceremony that was designed to keep the media and the paparazzi away. Now, for the first time ever, 20 years after we lost him and his beautiful wife in a tragic plane crash, TLC takes viewers inside the couple’s lives with never-before-seen footage from their fairytale wedding. The two-hour special celebrates JFK Jr. and Carolyn’s life and incredible love for one another, capturing their wedding weekend on Cumberland Island, GA for a first-hand look at everything from the joyful rehearsal dinner, to the magical ceremony, to the intimate reception. With new commentary from famous wedding guests, friends and family, this remarkable special offers a fresh look at the lives of America’s most famous couple.”


“It’s going to be quite an evening,” said Kathleen Finch, Discovery’s Chief Lifestyle Brands Officer. Between this and the Trading Spaces revival, maybe TLC is considering going back to its vaguely learning-oriented infotainment roots and I’m truly not mad at it.

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All the lovey-dovey stuff seems a little odd to me. I thought the gossip was that they were in a really bad spot relationship-wise just before that fateful plane ride. But, never let that get in the way of playing on people’s fascination with the Kennedy clan as a way of making money, I guess.