Incredibles 2 Did Incredibly Well at the Box Office

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Whether it’s because people love superheroes, Pixar movies, or Edna Mode’s impeccable Comme de Garçons-biting style, the Incredibles 2 is doing insanely well at the box office.


Associated Press reports that the sequel, which has Mr. Incredible playing a stay at home dad while Mrs. Incredible goes out and saves the world (as usual, right?), earned $180 million in its first weekend in North American theaters. If that seems like a lot, IT IS. It’s way more than what industry analysts predicted with numbers in the $120 and $140 million range.

Not only does Incredibles 2 have the second biggest June movie debut behind Jurassic World (which brought in $208.8 million), it’s also the best opening weekend for an animated film of all time and the biggest PG-rated launch ever. Previously, the AP reports, the other Pixar favorite Finding Dory held the animation record with a $135 million in 2016 and it was Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast with $174.8 million PG-rated launch in 2017.


*Sigh* We are never going to get rid of superhero movies, are we?

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Incredibles 3 should be titled “Jack-Jack vs. Trash Panda.” Very little vocal talent needed, just excellent animation, story, and sound effects. I would happily watch hours of that story line.