It Is Better Not to Work, I Think

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On Sunday night’s episode of Succession, an unpleasant show that I watch anyway, Greg (“the Egg”) Hirsch called his grandfather and told him that, rather than quit his job at Waystar Royco as instructed to in the previous episode, he would forgo a quarter of a billion dollars in inheritance and stay on with his estranged great uncle and terrible cousins. This means that Greg (“the Egg”) chose to work instead of choosing to not work.

Wrong choice, my man! You ask me the same question and here’s what I’m saying: “You want me to not work and give me so much money in maybe four years or something? Sounds good to me!”

Greg, next time try not working over working. It is the better choice.

Senior editor, Jezebel

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Ashley Reese

He gave up $250 million bc he trusted uncle Logan over his grandpa. I love my dumb son but man is he DUMB.