It Would Be Unethical to Suggest Doing a Drug Before Seeing Terrence Malick's New Documentary

Since releasing The New World 11 years ago, reclusive director Terrence Malick has made three over stylized movies about middle aged white men working through some major personal shit. I only saw one of them (The Tree of Life), but hated it so much (all but the scenes with my close personal friend Jessica Chastain) that I swore off post-2005 Terrence Malick movies for good.

But today I watched the trailer for his upcoming documentary Voyage of Time. Malick has reportedly been working on the film (which is described as “an examination of the birth and death of the known universe”) for over three decades, and will release two versions of it this year.

From the Tribeca Film Festival’s blog:

Voyage of Time will be released in two different versions: first, a 40-minute IMAX cut narrated by Brad Pitt that will focus on the science of the universe; and second, a feature-length 35mm theatrical cut narrated by Cate Blanchett in which the auteur will no doubt take any creative liberties that he chooses.


Though I have no interest in watching Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, or Ben Affleck go through existential crises in front of Malick’s topsy-turvy camera, I’m looking forward to going through one of my own when Voyage of Time comes out this fall.

“Damn,” I’ll probably say. “Time.”

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The only thing worse than watching The Tree of Life was later having my friend (then a grad student in film studies) explain to me that the only reason I didn’t like the movie is because I didn’t understand it. I love having my taste dismissed as stupidity. That’s my favorite fucking thing.

Terrence Mallick can go fuck himself. Which he will, in the form of some movie with virtually no plot and no point to go with its stunning and yet weirdly irrelevant cinematography.