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Last year, Netflix delighted the emotional optimists and the cold-blooded cynics (me) alike with a Queer Eye reboot that was not only refreshingly modern and unavoidably woke, but also went well beyond the nostalgic trappings of most pop culture revivalism. It was so instantaneously charming, in fact, the streaming giant dropped a second season only five months later. (If we’re being totally honest here, it’s nowhere near as good as the first—and kind of gave the appearance of being leftover episodes from the poignant debut.) Whatever the case, both arriving so quickly after one another has left Queer Eye fans hungry for more tear-inducing, feel-good episodes, and it looks like they are finally going to get them. On Monday, Netflix released the trailer for Season 3, which arrives March 15.


By the look of it, this season is less about helping other queer people find themselves (although there is some of that, with an excited Tan France is seen cheering, “This is our first lesbian!”). There’s one scene where the crew helps a straight couple decked out in hunting gear, which only concerns me because I’d like to enjoy these episodes without diving into a Trump-shaped minefield. Still, should you possess the ability to empathize, the trailer will make you weepy. (Or jump for joy when you see Antoni chop something that isn’t an avocado?)

If Season 3 of Queer Eye doesn’t tickle your fancy, the debut of Hulu’s Shrill, starring Aidy Bryant and based on the book by Jezebel alum Lindy West, drops on the same day, March 15. I’m going to binge both. It really is the Golden Age of television!

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