It's Crappy Tuesday So Here's a New Song From Gal Pals

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Today seems dumb as hell, dudes, and it's only Tuesday. Everything feels gloomy and slow and cliché and the status quo feels fully quo'd. Here is a fun new song by Gal Pals, aka LA-based BFFs Jillian Talley and Lauren Mikus that's just enough pop and just enough punk to distract from the bullshit (and the fact that New York's present pallor is that of moldy oatmeal) for the three minutes and however many seconds it plays. Gal Pals' new album drops in February and is apparently about friendship and trouble, two of the most important fundamental emotional necessities on the planet. DRIVE ME INTO THE SUN AND BLOW OUT THE BRAKES.

Image via Gal Pals.

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Deidre Miller

Not bad. A little reminiscent of B52s.