It's Dust to Dust For the Skeleton on The Masked Singer

I want to know how Nicole Scherzinger (née Schershingburger) knows Montell Jordan’s height off the top of her head. (When she said he was 6'8" on Wednesday night’s The Masked Singer, she wasn’t wrong.) I want to know how she thinks she could get away with marrying baby Jesus. To borrow her words, I don’t even know what just happened... I’m lookin’ at Thingamajig, but he sounds like an angel.


The Masked Singer, per host Nick Cannon’s intro to Wednesday’s episode, is a show that bills itself as “TV’s craziest masquerade fever dream.” The only thing more annoying than employing the overused term “fever dream” to describe anything at this point is being right about it. And so The Masked Singer is. Enjoy the montage.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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It’s in This is How We Do It - “All they said was 6'8" he stood, and people thought the music that he made was good.”