Image via Björk/Twitter.

In a tweet, mother Björk hit us with the cover for her forthcoming album Utopia. Designed by the London-based artist Jesse Kanda, whose contemporary surrealism you may recognize via his collaborations with fka twigs and Arca.


For Utopia, Kanda created a version of Björk that looks not unlike a winning entry in the best art show on television, Syfy’s special effects competition program Face Off. In Björk and Kanda’s utopia, she is cast as a pearlescent, neck-breathing sea witch with an oyster vagina for a forehead (labial accuracy!) and a permanent Kool-Aid mustache. (Is that a parrot or a sea cucumber on her neck?) Or, perhaps, an animorphed instrument of Jupiter; the first single from utopia, “the gate,” is a wispy declaration of devotion over a pipe organ from the bottom of the sea. The album will also include production from past collaborator/artistic innovator Arca, with whom she and Kanda have kicked it in New York City for the most epic street-style photographs taken in 2017.


A great late-breaking Halloween costume, if you’re still looking for inspiration.

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