J*Davey Captures Restless Emotion In 'Strong Anticipation' Video

L.A. duo J*Davey released this solid, succinct music video for their throbber “Strong Anticipation.” It’s not even a full two minutes and immediately beckons a replay after coming to an abrupt breathy, distorted close.


The visual of a cloned Jack Davey in an insulated room (and keyboardist/production partner Brook D’Leau just wandering aimlessly for a sec) is pretty much the essence of restlessness. Their EP, POMP, drops May 19.

“I’m on my tiny private island in a limitless ocean/ No one around me so I’m drowning in my deepest emotion.”


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Tabby Gevinson

To each their own, but the vocals sound a like nails on a chalkboard to me.