Jack White's Guacamole Recipe Gets College Banned by Booking Agency

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Pale Michigan man and notorious crank Jack White, William Morris talent agency and Oklahoma University are fighting—over what seems to be the distribution of a very intricate guacamole recipe. Now, in response to the school's paper publishing White's performance requests, guac included, William Morris has allegedly blacklisted OU. Dramz.

According to OU Daily, Jack White, who played at Oklahoma University on Monday, demanded all kinds of crazy stuff in his tour rider—a document stating the performance requirements of an artist, from instruments to requests for no brown M&Ms. Jack wanted an iron and an ironing board (normal), "1 pound of "freshly sliced, high-quality prosciutto and aged salami with a sharp knife" (ehn, normal) and then there was the matter of "fresh home-made guacamole." White and his team so explicitly requested this guacamole that they even listed the actual recipe (not normal).

Cool, cool, except then the OU Daily published all of this information, seemingly in a condescending fashion to which Jack nor his booking agency William Morris took too kindly. Now it seems OSU might've joked their way out of scheduling any cool bands for the foreseeable future, and this includes 2 Chainz. How will the children of Oklahoma University survive?

The agency contacted CAC after The Daily released Jack White's artist rider. The post noted the details of the contract including the guacamole recipe and the concert's cost, Ferguson said.

In an email with CAC adviser Quy Nguyen, Marc Geiger, who is with WME, said the agency wouldn't book further shows at OU "until this policy is modified not to disseminate private information."


OU says they had to share the rider and concert costs ($80,000) with the school paper because of the Freedom of Information Act, meanwhile Williams Morris is like 'Yeah, right, and now (allegedly) you're banned fo' life.'

The guacamole showdown continues.

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Tequila Mockingbird

Asshole doesn't know guacamole. Neither cilantro nor tomatoes belong. Really great guacamole is simple. Ripe avocado mashed lightly with a fork. Finely diced white or yellow onion. Lime juice. Salt.