Jane the Virgin Lost Her Virginity! Also Gloria Estefan Was There!

Image via screencap/The CW

After a long two years, hella drama, and one miracle baby, Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) has finally cashed in her V-Card. On Monday night’s episode, she and finally-recovered yet somewhat mushy husband Michael consummated their relationship. And in a stroke of realism, it... wasn’t that great for her.

A few reasons for this: she didn’t orgasm (tell me about it), she’s confused and a little sad about losing the “virgin” part of her identity (understandably!) and—oh yeah—she accidentally recorded the experience on her computer and emailed the video to her professor, who lectures her about the dangers of social media. (Sure, sure, who hasn’t?)


The main dilemma, though, is the orgasm part, which she confides to Lina (Diane Guerrero). “Faking orgasms are for nights when you need to get some rando out of your apartment!” she exclaims. “Not for the guy who you’re supposed to have sex with for the rest of your life!”

The rest of the episode, which was directed by Eva Longoria, is a gentle, sweet and generous exploration of honesty in a relationship, and how to be open about something so significant as orgasms even when it seems scary. (As well as Jane coming to terms with what it means to have finally shifted over into the world of sex-havers.) Michael dealt with it with tenderness, though, as he should: he asked her what he could do to make it better, and ultimately, that accidental sex tape came in handy. While those of us who’ve been around this block will recognize it all, the scenes also seemed heartening and useful for those who haven’t, providing a clear template for a healthy sexual relationship.

Also, Gloria and Emilio Estefan made cameos! But not in the sex scenes.

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