Jay Z Said the Word 'Lemonade' On a Song

“You...you like my song?”

Jay Z has yet to respond to Beyoncé’s real-fictional cheating accusations on Lemonade, but he did say the word in a song.

This brief reference to marital issues can be heard on the remix of Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s grimy summer party knocker “All the Way Up,” on which Jay Z raps this straightforward line: “You know you made it/When the fact your marriage made it is worth millions/Lemonade is a popular drink and it still is,” with a flow that starts off painfully choppy before smoothing out.


It’s Jay Z doing his Jay Z thing of stating a thing that happened without any additional comment, other than: “We made money from this.” There are rumors of a Beyoncé and Jay Z joint album, which would likely drop out of nowhere if it truly exists. A source told Page Six something I could’ve told them: “Jay and Beyoncé were never going to do an interview to address all the questions that came up after ‘Lemonade.’ It’s more their style to respond through music.”

In the remix, Jay also brags a bit (too soon?) about how Prince’s catalog is only available on his Jay’s streaming service Tidal: “Prince left his masters where they safe and sound/We never gonna let the elevator take him down.”

Trust me or listen to it here on Tidal.

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