Jeff Goldblum—the one actor whom everyone seems to agree is attractive, oddly enigmatic, and a delight to be hit on by—will star next in the new Rick Alverson (Entertainment, The Comedy) film, The Mountain, in which he plays a doctor who preforms lobotomies.

Speaking to Indiewire about working with Alverson, Goldblum gushed, “Oh, he’s something special. I loved his movies, and I loved Entertainment particularly. This is a different movie. I want to stay in this world, seeing everything through his eyes.”


The movie is set in 1954, and Goldblum’s character is, according to the actor, based on Dr. Walter Freeman, “the guy who pioneered the lobotomy, did Rosemary Kennedy’s lobotomy. This is an extrapolation of that kind of character.” Goldblum’s character is, “trying to shore up my legacy. Teach people how to do [lobotomies] quickly, and do a lot more lobotomies.”

“Anyway,” said Goldblum, continuing on to the most perplexing conclusion ever, “I’m not gonna tell you the ending of the movie, but it reminds me a little of The Florida Project.”

This week, Goldblum has been busy promoting the new Wes Anderson animated film Isle of Dogs, for which he did voice work.

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