Jennifer Lopez & Lin-Manuel Miranda Recorded a Benefit Song For Orlando Victims

Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram flick of Lin-Manuel Miranda last week, while cryptic at the time, made logical sense: both are boricuas from New York City and, now that Miranda’s retiring from Hamilton, he’ll have lots of time to work on rap collaborations and films and plays and getting generally more famous for working like he’s running out of time.

Now, we know that J.Lo and Lin-Man (can I call you that?) were indeed in the studio, recording “Love Make the World Go Round,” a song to benefit those affected by the mass murder at Pulse nightclub, where the victims were largely queer and almost entirely Latinx. Specifically, the proceeds will benefit the Hispanic Federation’s Proyecto Somos Orlando, which will “address the long-term needs for mental health services that are culturally competent and bilingual,” specifically within the communities in which they reside.

The teaser gives us a little taste of what sounds to be Manuel’s bridge, an earnest rap over a clubby pop track, which leads into J.Lo’s chorus about love making the world go round. My only hope for this song, other than the one where #SomosOrlando specifically gets tons of money, is that the people writing about it will respect that the rhythm is not “tropical” or “trop-pop” but in fact, sounds like it will be two Puerto Rican artists on a poppy reggaetón/dembow riff. (Music writers: stop whitewashing Latin/Caribbean music!)


Anyway! This isn’t Miranda’s first benefit for Orlando; in June, he began selling official t-shirts embossed with part of the poem for the victims he read during one of his acceptance speeches at the Tony Awards (you know, “love is love is love”), also for Proyecto Somos Orlando. (Also available: dope Puerto Rican flag shirts with a quote from Manuel’s first Tony stunner, In the Heights.)

It’s unclear when J.Lo and Lin-Man’s (sorry) collabo will drop, but when it does, trust that Hamilton Twitter will let you know about it.

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