Jessica Chastain Runs a Zoo and Saves Jews From the Nazis In First Trailer For The Zookeeper's Wife

Those of us who follow Jessica Chastain on all her social media accounts have been awaiting this day for some time now (it seems like only yesterday that she shared her first photo from the set), as the trailer for The Zookeeper’s Wife has finally been released.


The film is based on the bestselling Diane Ackerman book of the same name, which itself is based on the “unpublished diary” of Antonina Żabińska, a Polish woman who—with the help of her husband Jan—hid Jews from the Nazis by providing them shelter in their zoo, which had been partially destroyed at the onset of World War II.

As is the case with many movies about the Holocaust, The Zookeeper’s Wife almost looks too beautiful. Too bright. Even YouTube’s thumbnail is an odd Anne Geddes/Annie Leibovitz-hybrid that puts little to no effort in showcasing the film’s horrific plot (inspirational as it may be). But oh well, I guess. This is a story that is worth telling to those who don’t know it. The Zookeeper’s Wife will be released this March.

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Unrelated to the movie, but I feel the need to say I’m getting sick of the trend of naming books after the female protagonist’s relationship to the men in her life. The Shoemaker’s Wife. The Calligrapher’s Daughter. The Zookeeper’s wife. The Baker’s Daughter. Etc etc.