If you followed Jessica Jones during her appearance in Netflix’s The Defenders, you may be concerned about where this hero is heading. Heavy drinking and general apathy are relatable but not narratively compelling in the long term. It’s a relief that for Season 2, it looks like Jones is finally dealing with her shit.

There’s a lot of it: her family was killed in a car crash, she was tortured and transformed, she was held captive and raped by Season One’s villain, Kilgrave. Now she’s going back to confront what happened to her after that accident and see who else might be suffering from the same traumatic experiments she underwent. That’s one thing about Jones—no matter how bad it gets for her, she always tries to help people who have it worse.

One thing I love about this series is its willingness to name ugly behavior for what it is. In the trailer, another detective trying to absorb her business Alias Investigations tells her, “I never take no for an answer.”

She responds, “How very rape-y of you.”

Jones may have a lot of shit to deal with, but she still isn’t taking any crap.

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