Joanna Can't Belize Laurie Hernandez Won DWTS While She Was On Vacation

Since Joanna, who has a degree in Dancing With the Stars, was on vacation this week, I’m happy to relay the news that the contestant everyone expected to win a dance competition—because she happens to be a graceful, limber Olympic gymnast—did in fact win that dance competition.

This is a set up! But congrats to Laurie Hernandez, an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST who was declared the winner on Tuesday night’s finale. This news comes via Joanna, who was in Belize while it happened.


For the final dance of the season, Hernandez performed a Foxtrot Argentine tango with her partner Val Chmerkovskiy. The final three came down to Hernandez, Calvin Johnson Jr. and James Hinchcliffe. People notes that this was “the first time in history that all three finalists were professional athletes.” Hard to Belize a dancer won.

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