Jodie Foster's 'Money Monster' May Make You Hide Your Money in a Mattress

One day after a study revealed that women directors accounted for just nine percent of Hollywood’s top films, Jodie Foster has released a trailer for her upcoming film Money Monster, starring Julia Roberts’ pursed lips and George Clooney’s terrified face.


Joining the wave of financial villain tales in other films like the Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling-led The Big Short, Foster’s Money Monster follows a regular joe who takes a financial talking head hostage on live television after the pundit’s poor advice led him to lose everything. Naturally, the trailer is stressful and the movie looks like a nail biter… that’s not-so-loosely based on CNBC’s Mad Money with Jim Cramer perhaps?

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Increasingly unlikeable zillionaires starring in and directing a billion dollar movie financed by the motion picture industry, which is only a little less repellent than the military industry, about the working class being squeezed by the unethical efforts of the One Percent.

Gosh, I hope George and Julia asked for points up front. I sure hope plucky, clenched jaw Jodie wins herself an Oscar.

Truly, I only hope future anthropologists realize we weren’t this gullible, and that these people were not our gods.