Jon Hamm Is Natalie Portman's Reason for Coming Back to Earth in Pale Blue Dot

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Jon Hamm is reportedly in negotiations to play opposite Natalie Portman in Fox Searchlight’s Pale Blue Dot, about an astronaut who just can’t keep her feet on the ground. Hamm seems like a good enough reason for staying on this planet.


Variety reports that the film is about an astronaut who returns from a mission only to feel somewhat disconnected from her usual life and family. It’s apparently based on the idea that astronauts lose their “sense of reality” when they return from long journeys through space. Portman’s character will start to fall apart; Hamm plays a fellow astronaut who she “aggressively pursues.” Yes, space madness, driving her into this hunk’s arms!

Here’s a lil’ tidbit: Reese Witherspoon was once attached to play Portman’s role in Pale Blue Dot, according to a previous report from Variety. She left the project so the world could have a second season of Big little Lies. I wonder if she’d have chosen differently if she knew she would get to make out with Jon Hamm instead of Adam Scott. Witherspoon is still co-producing the film, so she’ll get to watch every moment of what could have been.

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Ok, given the choice in the last paragraph, I would choose Adam Scott like 99% of the time....but that particular photo of Jon Hamm is making me feel things.