JoJo Sounds Incredible on Her New Song 'Wonder Woman'

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

I wish nothing but the best for JoJo, who’s still making her comeback to music after battling her way out of her label contract. And she sounds absolutely incredible on her latest song, “Wonder Woman.”

I do wish the sultry song was called anything other than “Wonder Woman,” which feels like a way to ride the hype of the blockbuster currently in theaters and the title is also a sort-of pun. “I wonder, I wonder, I do,” JoJo sings. “I wonder if you think about me too.” But maybe she saw the new movie and felt inspired?

Anyway, the song is great, as is everything we’ve heard from JoJo since releasing her comeback tringle. It’s unclear if this is just a one-off single or a preview of a new album. Maybe after years of being trapped within her major label we’re going to keep getting new JoJo music constantly! Let’s hope.

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