Jon and Dany Have More Chemistry in This Photo Than In All of Game of Thrones

For some inexplicable reason, Jon Snow and Danerys Targareyn have more chemistry in this Instagram photo from a Rolling Stone photo shoot that took place five years ago than they do acting on the show about dragons and politics, and I would LOVE to know why!


Before the theories, here are some facts. This photo, via Refinery29, is from a Rolling Stone photoshoot with the Game of Thrones friends out of their Westerosi drag and in regular-ass clothes, looking like normal people sans elaborate wigs and furs and chain mail. Peggy Sirota, the photographer for the shoot, threw this casual outtake on Instagram last year. In an interview with the Daily Beast, director Alan Taylor basically confirmed that yes, Jon and Dany are about to get it the fuck on, answering the prayers and insistent please of the thirstiest aunties of Westeros and ideally satisfying a small but vocal nation of horned-up GoT fans desperate to see Kit Harington’s fine ass bone down. Great news, all around.

But why do they have more chemistry in this photograph than they ever have on the show?

What is it about Game of Thrones that saps the sexytime out of any interaction these two characters have? Is it because the actors know that they’re related but their characters don’t and they’re staunchly against incest? Is it because Kit Harrington is a bad actor but a very handsome man? Maybe the furs make it hard. Maybe Dany’s wig cap is coming loose in every scene. Maybe they don’t really like each other. Maybe Ygritte’s spirit haunts the corners of every set and all Jon Snow can think of is the time he went down on her in a cave. What if Jon hates dragons? What if the dragons feel the need to be involved? What if this is just some storyline that no one is really down with but the fans know it NEEDS to happen and so it’s going to but everyone wants to die a little thinking about it?

I don’t have an answer, but they are finally going to fuq, and for that I am immeasurably grateful.

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Let’s be fair: they are both terrible actors. It’s like GOT had used all of the good ones on the lesser parts, ran out and had to make do with second tier for these two. Their private scenes together are terribly flat as there are no excellent actors around to save things.