Jon Snow Is, Unfortunately, Definitely Toast

HBO has released the first official trailer for Game of Thrones Season 6! And while we could have done without the cheesy “Wicked Games” cover—come on—on a certain level it’s mournfully appropriate because it looks like Jon Snow is definitely dead as shit. RIP to the sexiest semi-celibate protector of a fantastical kingdom from ice-hearted snow zombies on television.


Other than that, it’s just business of usual: killing, greed, imprisonment, coup, incest, more killing, the usual. Most intriguing, apart from Arya apparently being blinded for more than one episode and Dany apparently reunited with the Dothraki people, is the scene in which Bran appears to warg and encounter the daemon king of the White Walkers.


Season 6 premieres April 24 and includes plot developments that are apparently not yet in George RR Martin’s next book that he is most definitely working on, which means all the book people who were snooty to you because you only watched the show are probably gonna have to eat face and learn what happens next with the rest of us plebs. Sorry not sorry!

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ive already been practicing my takes, you’re welcome everyone who gets to read them twice:

a) jon snow isn’t dead nice try HBO no one believes you

b) ser davos, true king of westeros, deservedly appears the most in this trailer

c) me, seeing tormund giantsbane: SWOON

d) me, seeing bran: ughhhhhh

e) is ian mcshane really beric dondarrion, as the rumors say? is my life finally complete? idk folks

f) brienne of tarth 2016, 2020, 2024, eternity


h) can someone confirm or deny that jaime will continue to wear that splendid red leather coat this season? this is v important thank you