Jon Snow? More Like Jon Fuego AMIRITE?

Uh, just a little reminder, in case you forgot to set up your Google Alert for Kit Harington: Jon Snow is the fucken best, and sooner than you think he’s gonna be back on your TV every Sunday doing awesome things in a fashionable furry coat. COME TO MAMA, YOU KINGLY WARRIOR.


The latest Game of Thrones teaser trailer doesn’t give away too much, though; it won’t premiere until July and it’s still a little too early to reveal much. Set to a version of the 1990 single “Sit Down” by the band James (so British), it’s our three warring factions headed to their respective chambers of rule: Cersei in the Iron Throne, Daenerys at Dragonstone, Jon Snow being the KING IN THE NORTH at Winterfell, pensive and troubled as ever. Rugged in the ensemble of a Crow, the Jon Snow look is really Kit Harington to his Nth degree, and he should consider wearing raven feathers even when he’s not filming Game of Thrones.

Another thing I would like to remind you of is that there is finally a reason to look forward to something on television, for the LOVE OF GOD; it seems like this show has been off the air for an eternity and frankly casual dabbling in SyFy’s various scripted shows and reruns of Forensic Files is really just not doing it for me. We need Game of Thrones more than ever, in these trying times!

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