Jordan Peele Wants Lupita Nyong'o and Elisabeth Moss for His New Thriller Us

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Ever since Jordan Peele released his Academy Award-winning Get Out (and, frankly, set off 2017's incredible horror renaissance in the process), he’s had a slew of projects lined up.

There’s the Jim Crow-era horror series he’s working on, a Nazi hunting show he’ll be producing, and he’ll also co-produce a new show about the penis-severing Lorena Bobbitt. But if you’re waiting for Peele’s next great blockbuster, look no further than his new movie Us, out March 2019.

Deadline reports that Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, and Elisabeth Moss are in talks to join the movie, which is an insanely good cast. So good that I’m already ready to buy my ticket, even though I have no idea what it’s about because the plot is being kept a secretthough it’s reported to be a “social thriller” based on an original Peele idea, and there’s already a poster for it.


In February, Peele spoke about his plans for a follow-up to Get Out and told The Hollywood Reporter it would be a genre movie. “I think tonally it should resemble Get Out,” he said. “That said, I want to make a completely different movie. I want to address something different than race in the next one.”

Whatever Us is about, I’m ready for Peele to hold up a terrifying mirror to society’s ills and turn it into another perfect horror movie.

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Are we like, cool with Elisabeth Moss taking on roles that, at least based on the majority of reports, are in direct conflict with the Scientology and the impact/ruination they’ve rained down on so many people?

I’ve put off watching THT because it just feels icky, I can’t turn off the “but you’re a scientologist!” side of my brain when watching what is pretty overt social commentary... Am I alone here?