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You might have heard recently heard that Renata Klein, also known as Dr. Ellie Satler, also known as Diane from Twin Peaks—a.k.a. Laura Dern—was running for the president of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. I was eagerly campaigning for her on the streets of Los Angeles with my FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: LAURA DERN sign and a cow, as one does.

But because the universe is cruel, Laura Dern was not elected president! She lost to cinematographer John Bailey who, according to the Hollywood Reporter, “emerged as a surprise contender.” Bailey was elected to serve a one-year term (the maximum one can serve as president is four years) and while he has a fine cinematography resumé (The Big Chill, Ordinary People, etc.) I think Dern deserved this honor.

Even though Bailey is succeeding Cheryl Boone Isaacs, the first black president and the third female president of the Academy, it would be nice to have someone in charge again who is a woman, non? The Academy has taken strides in recent years by adding hundreds of new members that better reflect the racial and gender diversity of the industry but is still largely white and male.



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My version of “Justice for Laura Dern” is bringing her back to the Jurassic Park franchise where she slaps the shit out of everyone currently involved (hell, drag Treverrow on screen just for the occasion) and screams, “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WITH THIS BULLSHIT?! I’VE GONE TOE-TO-TOE WITH RAPTORS — SHUT IT GRADY! — AND THEY ARE NOT BETAS WHO CAN BE TRAINED, LET ALONE TRUSTED! AND WHOEVER LET A GODDAMN T-REX OUT SHOULD SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIFE IN A STRAIGHT JACKET! *glowers at Claire* HOW THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE EVEN FREE RIGHT NOW?! YOU SHOULD ALL BE IN JAIL! PEOPLE DIED! THEY WHERE EATEN ALIVE!”

And scene.

I would pay fifteen bucks just to see that.

ETA: But I guess getting elected President of the AMPAS would also be cool. Maybe next year.