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Amid the sea of trash “Hotline Bling” remixes, here’s one of the only two that matters (next to Erykah Badu’s version). Canadian singer Justin Bieber teased his remix to his fellow countryman Drake’s smash single today.


In case you didn’t know it’s Bieber, the remix starts off with him referencing two of his recent singles in corny fashion: “Oh, you sorry? Well, where are you now that I need you?”

You can hear it in full if you call the number Bieber tweeted. Be advised that the first time I called, it failed to bling and I got a message to call back later. As of 5 p.m., it bling’d and Bieber’s shrill vocals were ringing through my ears.


Try it. 231-377-1113. This translates to B-E-1-ERR-1113 on your key pad. Alternately:<====3

Biebs hasn’t released an unofficial version of the remix, so here’s one that sounds like it was recorded in an old school phone booth.


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